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About The Four Marks         


It is unity in the truth, throughout history and in all places that may best mark our path to the protective arms of Holy Mother Church.  Though we may feel abandoned, we are not alone. May we be united through this paper in our love and defense of the pure doctrines of Our Lord! And though our path treads the edge of a precipice, shall we fall while we yet cling to Tradition?


Who is cut from the Church, those loyal to Christ’s doctrines, or those who rewrote them? Who is wrong, one who attends the Mass of his ancestors, or one who attends a new mass unknown to his grandfathers? No, the grieving remnant did not leave the Faith. The only way to rectify the problem is for all to accept the laws, doctrines, and rites as practiced by the Church before Vatican II broke with Tradition.


The Four Marks will take every reasonable measure to confirm our sources and facts and provide contact references.


NOTE: We do not return, nor are we responsible for submitted materials.


Opinions expressed are those of the individual writer and are not necessarily those of The Four Marks, its staff, other writers, or  advertisers.


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It is not within the scope of this paper to review every book, video, or newsletter that is advertised. As above, advertisements do not necessarily imply an endorsement by this newspaper, its writers, or other advertisers.

Writer’s submission information


How to submit your articles


Please note, that articles of our regularly featured writers take precedence and leave only a limited area for new writers. Successful new candidates will be concise, and carefully follow guidelines given below.



All manuscripts must include full name, address, phone, and email address. Pseudonyms are permitted only for short articles telling your story of coming to the traditional Catholic Faith.


The Four Marks is an unpaid market for writers.


Please do not submit articles that have been printed previously in another publication, or that have been circulated via Internet email lists. Do not simultaneously submit to The Four Marks and another publisher.


To ease editorial decision and direction, articles (with estimated lengths over 500 words) should be proposed with an outline in an email. The subject field should read: “Proposed Article on … ”. 


All articles must be well referenced, please include sources, or contact information. Additional reference suggestions are encouraged, and to be placed at the end of an article.


Photographs should come with relevant information, full names of persons, or locations of events, etc.


Emphasis is to be marked with italics. Bold is reserved for subtitles. Please use Times 10pt for body text. Avoid using quotation marks to denote an altered meaning, such as, “pope” Benedict XVI.


Avoid moralizing, excessive ejaculatory prayers, wonder-lust, unapproved visions, or similarly speculative subjects.


Articles should adhere to the editorial policy and purpose of The Four Marks: To single-out the true Catholic Church as known through Tradition and distinct from the fabricated  new religion of the Vatican II Council.   To promote true Catholic unity, without compromising the Faith. Opinion will not be promoted as dogma, nor will inordinate fears be presented to support accusations of heresy or schism.


Email is preferred for all submissions, especially photographs.




Maximum number of words given

Biographical- or historical subjects on the post Vatican II traditional Church era. –3000 words Current events affecting traditional Church –500 words

Science in light of Catholic teaching—1000 words

Promoting music, literature, fine arts—500 words

Short stories related to your “parish” –500 words

Book reviews related to traditional Catholic interests—500 words

Some home-education, abortion-related, political  news—300 words

Some help for mothers—300 words


Doctrinal or moral theology pieces rarely accepted.

No fiction.

Verse and prayers rarely accepted.

Serials limited to regular writers.


Sending your article

Timely articles (to correspond with certain holy days for example) should be submitted at least 3 months in advance of issue for which they are intended.


Once submitted, publication is not guaranteed. Publication is limited to space availability. Every article you send is subject to editing, and once submitted The Four Marks retains non-exclusive rights to your story.


By email:

Manuscripts should be submitted preferably in Word, or pasted into an email. The subject field should read: “Proposed Article on … ” or “Submission.” 



US Mail:

Please write, Attn: “Proposed Article” or “Submission” on the envelope. Manuscripts should be double-spaced and typed on one side of a page only.


We are not responsible for return of any manuscripts or photographs or materials.





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