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The Four Marks

The marks by which men will know His Church are four:

one, holy, catholic, and apostolic

The Four Marks

PO Box 58, Ballantine, MT  59006

(406) 967-2000

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How to submit your articles


THANK YOU!  Please follow guidelines given below.



All submissions must include name, address, phone, and email. Pseudonyms are permitted at the Editor’s discretion, for example, personal stories of one’s conversion to the traditional Catholic Faith.


As a writer, please take every reasonable measure to confirm facts and provide references.


Submit to:

PO Box 58, Ballantine, MT  59006

(406) 967-2000



The Four Marks is an unpaid showcase for writers –and a Catholic apostolate of volunteers. In lieu of payment, regular writers can receive copies of the paper and advertising space.


We welcome submissions, but don’t acknowledge or return papers received. Publication is at the editor’s discretion. Writers are notified prior to going to press, if chosen for publication. Please send to:




NOTE: We do not return, nor are we responsible for submitted materials.


The Four Marks is a monthly newspaper (11 issues—no issue in July.) Our columns and features cover topics of interest to traditional Catholics, ranging from papal encyclicals, sermons, Q&A, and serialized Catholic books, Catholic Crossword Puzzle, an Investigator’s Cipher to Birth Announcements, Obituaries, and prayer requests. Reports come from Catholic communities throughout the country. Stories include many topics not covered in the main stream media.


Please contact editor (editor@thefourmarks.com ) to propose long feature articles, and to obtain the House Style and policies. The subject field should read: “Proposed Article on … ” or “House Style”, etc.  You may also call the phone number above with questions.


We will consider articles previously used in another newspaper publication. (Please do not submit articles that have been widely circulated via Internet email lists. Give Name of publication/website and date.) Do not simultaneously submit to The Four Marks and another publisher.


Do not submit articles that have been circulated via Internet email lists. The editor will consider  your previously published articles. (Give date of publication and permission from the original publication.) Do not simultaneously submit to The Four Marks and another publisher.



Bylines are given, preferably with head shot and brief biography.


Include sources, references, and contact information where appropriate. Photographs should have caption and relevant information, (photographer, names of persons pictured, or locations of events, etc.


We rarely take articles on visions, apparitions, etc. and do not take any unless approved by Rome before 1959.


Articles should adhere to the editorial policy and purpose of The Four Marks: To single-out the true Catholic Church as known through Tradition and distinct from the  new religion of the Vatican II Council.   We intend to promote true Catholic unity, without compromising the Faith. Opinion will not be promoted as dogma, nor will suspicions be presented to support accusations of heresy or schism.


Email is preferred for all submissions, especially photographs.




Maximum number of words given. These word lengths are especially for first-time submissions.

Biographical- or historical subjects on the post Vatican II traditional Church era –3000 words.

Current events affecting traditional Church –1000 words

Science in light of Catholic teaching (propose to editor with area of interest)—1000 words

Promoting music, literature, fine arts—1000 words

Articles / stories related to your “parish” –1000 words

Book reviews related to traditional Catholic interests—500 words

Some home-education, abortion-related—700 words

Some help for mothers or other family related—700 words

Doctrinal or moral theology pieces should be proposed first.

No fictional submissions are accepted.

Verse and prayers not accepted.

Serials limited. Propose to editor.


All articles are subject to editing. The Four Marks retains non-exclusive rights to submitted articles.


By email:

Manuscripts should be submitted in Times New Roman 11 (or a single font only,) preferably  in Word, or directly into the email. The subject field should read: “Submission…  Please do not format: tabs, indents, colors, or multiple fonts etc.



US Mail:

Please submit by email, if possible. Please write, Attn: or “Submission” on the envelope. Manuscripts should be double-spaced and typed on one side of a page only.  Send to: The Four Marks, Box 58, Ballantine, MT  59006  Thank you!


Please give your mailing address, email, and phone number.

We are not responsible for return of any manuscripts or materials.


 The Four Marks appreciates your prayers for the apostolate of this Catholic press and these intentions of our volunteers.

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The Impossible Crisis By John S. Daly   First published in The Four Marks as a series beginning in April 2009. “The Impossible Crisis” was first presented as a talk by John Daly at a seminar in Rome, New York in 2002.




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The Four Marks

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