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The Four Marks

The marks by which men will know His Church are four:

one, holy, catholic, and apostolic

Edmund Sheridan

Who cares?- April 2010

Thyroid medication disappears; patients panic –March 2010


Who cares?

By Edmund Sheridan

Staff Writer, The Four Marks


Michelle Obama: "When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya...." 


Michelle Obama gaffe-- video


In a world where the masses are fooled by a usurper ‘sitting’ upon the Throne of St. Peter, it would be neither a surprise, nor out of place, to have a usurper in the White House.  On the contrary, it would be fitting during a time when more of us love to be deceived than to know the truth.  Even before the 2008 election, some said Barack Obama was not eligible to be president, although such claims were summarily brushed aside as ‘crazy’, ‘nonsense’, etc.  Well, more evidence regularly comes to light that such claims may not be so crazy after all…


CA $500B short on pensions…


Many have known for a while that California faces an economic mess.  The budget deficit is out of hand, the unemployment rate is frightening, and those who can leave are doing so as fast as humanly possible.  Now, a study from graduate students at Stanford claims there is another, truly enormous issue – a 500 billion dollar issue.  The state pensions are facing a deficit of $500 billion – yes, half a trillion, with a ‘t’ – over the next few years.  This is more than eight times as large as had been reported just two years ago.  There are some who claim the real figure is closer to three trillion dollars, which, for the sake of clarity, would mean the numbers from the report of two years ago were 48 times too small.  Even if the Stanford students’ figures are close to accurate, this is a staggering problem for a state that already faces myriad, serious issues.  What to do?  Well, many have decided the answer is to move, but most cannot do so.  For those who remain, they will likely continue struggling to deal with a monstrous, spendthrift government that does not want to scale back sufficiently to enable survival.  California is not alone.  As a nation, we have been avoiding reality, financial and otherwise, for quite some time.  Reality does not care if something feels good or bad, if it leads to prosperity or adversity – it is what it is.  We get what we pay for; choices involve consequences.  If reality is embraced, eyes wide open and willingly, wonderful things can happen – if we jettison the entitlement mentality and are determined to roll up our sleeves, manfully accepting the hardships that are part of returning to the right path.  There is no such thing as a free lunch, but California may be among the first to learn that delusions come with a heavy price.



When the persecutor plays victim


Benedict XVI and the Vatican have taken yet another page out the handbook of psychological warfare, hoping to manipulate the masses in order to save face.  In response to the intense scrutiny about the Conciliar Church’s cover-up of sexual abuse, the foxes in charge of the henhouse are seeking to turn the tables.  To the shock of all decent men, Vienna’s Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn said the following: “I admit that I often feel a sense of injustice these days. Why is the church being excoriated? Isn't there also abuse elsewhere?”  Yes, there is, but that is irrelevant and does not serve as an excuse for their failure to do their jobs.  Cardinal Schoenborn, like others caught in the middle of this increasingly-intense storm, is trying to paint the abusers and their enablers as the victims of a prejudiced media.  Should those who failed to show compassion for the children be pitied, just because their cover-up has been exposed?  Several articles have drawn a rather fitting parallel between the Vatican’s tactics and those of Richard Nixon during Watergate.


This matter is intensifying at such a rate that we have deemed it wiser to provide this short comment and a handful of pertinent links.  Although it is likely that the timing of these revelations is intentional, and the powers that be are using this as a distraction from economic woes, plans for war in Iran, etc., there is still much to the story that is worth our attention – even if only to further grasp how utterly debased our once-Christian society has become.  May the Risen Jesus bring joy, consolation, and strength to your hearts in these increasingly-dark days.




California cover-up article

another coverup article



Thyroid medication disappears; patients panic

By Edmund Sheridan

Staff Writer, The Four Marks


The sole producer of Armour Thyroid, one of the leading drugs for regulating hypothyroidism, ceased production in the autumn of 2009 without advanced notice or explanation.  Several months on, neither Forest Pharmaceuticals nor the FDA has responded to inquiries from doctors or patients.  What is more, the drugs to which many doctors and patients have turned in order to fill the gap, Nature Thyroid and Westhroid, are also in very short supply.  Exacerbating problems, some of the drugs that serve as acceptable alternatives cost up to three times as much.   In an era of fixed incomes and tight finances, such an increase in spending can have noteworthy ripple effects.  Thus, the inexplicable and sudden stoppage of production of Armour Thyroid, developed in the early 1900s, has resulted in a kind of panic.  


Problems of one kind or another with the thyroid, which regulates metabolism, are quite common.  The widespread nature of obesity in the US is evidence enough that there is something amiss with the metabolism of many people.  Some women actually have the vital gland removed, leaving them entirely dependent upon the assistance of drugs like Armour Thyroid.  For such women, finding a satisfactory alternative, and in short order, is an absolute necessity.  While short-term solutions exist, the complete uncertainty about the shape of things to come has many women worried.  What is more, while there are synthetic substitutes produced by the larger pharmaceutical companies, many women do not find them to be nearly as effective.  “I called every pharmacy in town, and I found enough (Armour) to get me through the year,” said Kathy Bick, who has been using Armour Thyroid for 10 years. “I’m hoping that within a year we’ll know something.”  She is not the only one.


Armour Thyroid was reformulated in the spring of 2009, leaving many less-than-impressed with the effectiveness of the new version of the popular drug.  Then, in the fall of 2009, the company halted production without telling anyone.  While the present demand has been more or less met, what will happen when the present supply has been consumed?  No one seems to know and Forest Pharmaceutical is not providing any information at this time.


Considering our heavy reliance upon drugs of various kinds, it is reasonable to ask: What other drugs might soon become less available, if not completely unavailable?  Will the manufacturers and/or the FDA learn from this episode, making sure to provide advance warning to doctors and patients if there is a notable change in the production of certain drugs?  As awe-inspiring as certain aspects of modern life can appear, it is also more fragile than it seems.  The just-in-time delivery of goods produced in faraway places has run so much like clockwork for so long that it is far too easy to take it all for granted.  What will be the next item that becomes unavailable without warning?  Will it be one upon which we, or someone we love, is heavily dependent?



Billings Gazette, February 8, 2010


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one of the leading drugs for regulating hypothyroidism, ceased production in the autumn of 2009 without advanced notice or explanation.”

-- Thyroid medication disappears; patients panic   




 “acceptable alternatives cost up to three times as much.”

-- Thyroid medication disappears; patients panic   






Then, in the fall of 2009, the company halted production without telling anyone.”

--Thyroid medication disappears; patients panic



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