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The Four Marks

The marks by which men will know His Church are four:

one, holy, catholic, and apostolic

Dedicated to The Immaculate Heart of Mary


Our newspaper addresses liturgical, theological, doctrinal and other “changes” seen since Vatican II, and attempts to fill the needs of US Catholics once served by over 575 newspapers before Vatican II. Today there are only 180 US “Catholic” newspapers. Nearly all of these are official diocesan papers, some combining more than one diocese, and are part of the framework of the Vatican II Church/religion, which began with the infamous “Second Vatican Council.”  The vast majority of those newspapers have no website.


The Four Marks newspaper and this website distinguish between the Vatican II based new religion and the millennia-old Catholic religion which has remained the same always and everywhere.

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Welcome, weary wayfarers. This is the Internet home of The Four Marks newspaper.  We are traditional Catholics. We attend pre-Vatican II (pre-V2) Masses,  and are members of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, whose infallible teachings are known through her priests and pre-V2: catechisms, papal encyclicals, Code of Canon Law, and centuries of approved writings.


In the pages of our newspaper, we offer a Catholic perspective on current events, and articles on nearly every imaginable Catholic topic. Our writers often allude to the distinction between two Churches, two religions, that both claim to be the Catholic Church. Since the Church with its head at the Vatican has different beliefs, practices, and vestments from the Catholic religion through history; it is logical to conclude that the religion of the Vatican is new, and part of a New Church.


On the other hand, the label “traditional” implies that it is faithful to the Catholic religion in her beliefs and practices. Changes in belief, by their very nature, mean a new religion has been formed. Martin Luther and King Henry VIII (founders of two major Protestant religions) were Catholic, but by their changes, they founded new religions. Although liberal instigators at the Second Vatican Council had been Catholic –most in name and appearance only—by founding a new Church and rejecting the truths of the Catholic Church, they didn’t remain Catholic,  anymore than Henry VIII or Luther remained Catholic.


The matters discussed here may seem foreign, particularly, if you never knew the pre-V2 Mass. Be honest with yourself. As you weigh these points, make a list. Then you can easily check items when proved to your satisfaction. Otherwise, you might continue to hold an opinion that you yourself believe is false. Review your list. To the best of your ability, find the truth, proving either for or against your opinions.


The traditionalist stance is a very logical position, but one must climb a stairway of premises that lead to that conclusion. Most steps require a comparative study based on the unchanging Catholic teachings through the ages. We invite your questions and feedback!

—Kathleen Plumb, Editor

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100 Years Since Fatima



Cousins Jacinta Marto (left, seated) and Lucia Santos, two of the three children to whom Our Lady of Fatima appeared. Date: 1917. We are particularly reminded to pray the Rosary for poor sinners and in reparation for sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Excerpts taken from Our Lady of Fatima by William Thomas Walsh



These are descriptions of the apparitions on the 13th of these months in 1917.


May June July August September October


Supreme Court: Randall Terry and

Pro-lifers to Disrupt Planned Parenthood event


WASHINGTON, July 9, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue, and group a of pro-life activists to disrupt Planned Parenthood Supreme Court gathering.

Planned Parenthood has announced a "rally" at the Supreme Court to decry whoever is President Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

"Heckle and Disrupt."

Pro-life leader Randall Terry, and a group of DC veteran pro-life activists will be on hand to heckle the Planned Parenthood child-killers, and to show support for President Trump's nominee.


In an earlier press release, Mr. Terry made the following comments:


"I am appalled by the lack of courage and forthrightness from various so-called 'pro-life' members of the Senate. They need to openly demand that we overturn Roe, not pretend that it is one issue among many.

"I voted for President Trump because he promised to appoint Justices that would overturn Roe, and stop the killing of babies. We are holding this vigil in the hopes that President Trump is keeping his word, and to show support for his nominee - if that nominee will overturn Roe.

"Our hope is that the Republican controlled Senate will show courage and resolve on behalf of the babies, and will own the fact that they want to overturn Roe. The time for hiding, equivocation, and duplicity is past.

"The babies, and the pro-life movement NEED this fight. Abortion is murder; Roe vs. Wade was a treasonous act against God and man. It is time for the pro-abortion cause to be exposed for what it is - the killing of innocent babies. The time is ripe to overturn Roe."

See an older "profile piece" on Mr. Terry from when Mr. Terry was running for President, written by Matt Labesh for
The Weekly Standard at: www.weeklystandard.com/matt-labash/randall-terry-shoots-an-ad.

Mr. Terry has been featured in the
New York Times, the Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and Time Magazine; he has been on Oprah Winfrey, 60 Minutes, Sean Hannity, and hundreds of TV and radio shows across the world, advocating for the end of child-killing by abortion.

See more at



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The Impossible Crisis By John S. Daly   First published in The Four Marks as a series beginning in April 2009. “The Impossible Crisis” was first presented as a talk by John Daly at a seminar in Rome, New York in 2002.




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